The Art of Balancing Home Decor

When it comes to doing up your house, it’s not only what colour matches what upholstery or what print goes well with which home decor. The art of getting the entire scheme right also includes, keeping in mind it. Furniture comes in various styles ranging from Victorian to modern day light weight furniture, tones ranging from a light brown to a more solid dark brown, cuts ranging from clean symmetrical to intricately carved furniture. Therefore, the home decorative items can accordingly be chosen so that it looks like a balanced and well thought out scheme. Here are a few suggestions;

Pastels and nudes with Victorian furniture –

Victorian is very heavy and detailed when it comes to the design and therefore it’s best to compliment it with home decorative items that have a certain subtlety to them. The idea is to create a balance between the furniture and the decor items, so as to accentuate the decor yet leaving it classy and minimalistic.

Deep colours with Dark furniture –

Dark coloured looks very regal and creates a statement of evolved tastes and love for solid wood. Only someone who is sure of his choice and style would go in for a furniture piece with deep hues. Therefore, the home decorative item that would go well with it would something that compliments this nuance of the buyer. Going in for decorative items in deep colours like dark purple, wine or deep red would certainly blend well with the choice of furniture.

Bright colours with light coloured furniture –

This tends to be the most preferred tone of furniture online. The easy tone gives you a scope to accentuate your home, while keeping the look of solid wood intact. The best way to do up light coloured would be to pair it with bright contrasting colours. It works both ways, as it highlights the furniture as well as highlights the detail of the items on display.

Minimal with simple furniture –

The best part about modern day is that you can create a gorgeous ambiance with just a few pieces of items added to it. Going overboard would clash with the subtlety.

While it may seem like one confusing task when it comes to pairing what furniture with which home decorative scheme, it’s just about blending them in such a way so as to get the best out of both.