3 Things You Can Play With to Enhance The Beauty of Your Kitchen

We all have different ideas on how the perfect kitchen should be along with what colour of paints would go with the curtains, or if the wall needs painting touch ups, but if you want to create a beautiful, functional, and elegant space with just little adjustment and cost, here are some things you can add to your kitchen. Even the addition of just one of them would greatly increase the beauty of the space and if you work on all of them, you would have magnificent looking kitchen in Nepal. Here are three go-to methods for achieving kitchen with outstanding look and style.

  • Adding ample amount of lighting

Adding various types of lighting automatically adds charm to a room, especially in the kitchen. Here, sufficient amount of natural light is a bliss but kitchen also needs to have artificial light setting such as ambient lighting for making the whole room light up, task lighting to make it easy to see in workspaces, and accent lighting to highlight certain features in the space.

If you are not ready for completely transforming the setting, start by replacing old bulbs with LED that are more energy efficient, lasts longer and are available in neutral, warm, and cool color temperatures. Also, in Nepal, you can illuminate up the shadowed place by placing under-mounted LED rope lighting.

  • Arranging plentiful seating space

Normally, we tend to gather in the kitchen during family gathering so we need to make sure there is enough room for people to sit without interrupting the function of the place. For that, roundtables are pretty great with which you can be flexible with adding or removing the seating as per requirement. You can even adjust it by pushing it to the walls and create more space for guests. This is useful especially for the house without a formal dining room.

  • Clearing the surface

If your kitchen has a large island, you can do most of your work from there such as doing homework and arranging dinner without having to move things. That’s is why it is essential to keep that space or any other surface clear. It also gives away a psychological impact of making the home look tidy even when other parts of the home are messy.

If your kitchen has no island, you can still save space with these tricks such as hanging every possible thing like cutleries on the wall using magnetic strip instead of knife block, place cutting board over the sink or cooktop, so that they do not occupy the space, etc.

These are the few things you can work on to change the look of your kitchen. If you have tried any of them, do share with us in the comments.