Give Your Home a Fresh Start

Trend predictions and the ‘next big thing’ are thrown around constantly on home furnishing websites and in lifestyle magazines, especially in the first couple of months of the year whilst different styles and ideas are evolving. It’s tempting to want to jump on these trends and bring them into your home as soon as possible, but often that isn’t possible due to established styles, clutter or existing furniture. This is why it can be important to start with a clean slate! By de-cluttering and tidying your home, you can create space to install new Cambridge engineered flooring, bespoke skirting boards or doors Yorkshire; the possibilities are endless. Whilst detoxing your home is the first step, it is not the only one. Knowing what decor you want in your home can be something of a struggle, but luckily there are plenty of tips and ideas available online. Now that we’re getting into the year a bit more, some trends have become well-established for 2018.

Neutral doesn’t have to mean white!

It’s finally time for the trend of cream and magnolia walls and light, bleached furniture to step aside. A new trend for earthen tones including dark woods and silvery metals is on the horizon. It is somewhat reminiscent of 70s retro glamour and adds a touch of elegance to any home. Whether you want to bring a small sample of dark wood into your home through a piece of furniture, such as an end table, chairs or cupboard, or really embrace the earthen tones of this trend with new Cambridge engineered flooring, doors Yorkshire, or bespoke skirting boards, this decor can help to neutralise your home without resorting to a boring cream or magnolia.

Simplicity is key

Going along with the calming themes of earthy colours and textures, de-cluttering and adding more simple styles to your home is the way to go. Having lots of chunky furniture and objects can really cause a home to feel chaotic, and make it less relaxing to be in. By cutting down on the number of things in your home, you can make your house feel more at peace and add a sense of tranquillity. A lot of people may equate simplistic with modern, and picture dark grey, sleek furniture in an empty room, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Simplicity in a room can come from any style, whether you want a rustic feel to your home, a cosy feel or even the modern look described earlier. You could also remove doors Yorkshire to create a more open-plan feeling in your home.

Lighten up

Whilst non-white neutral tones are making an impact, they can sometimes be quite oppressive if the room is naturally dark. Counter-act this by making the most of your windows and skylights. Make them a focal point of your room and use them to draw the eye in, whether that’s placing a table directly in the light or placing a nice rug on your Cambridge engineered flooring.

Keep it classy

Adding a touch of old-fashioned style to a modern room can create a nice juxtaposition between the two decors, but it’s important to not go overboard and end up cluttering the room instead. By adding something like bespoke skirting boards or a picture rail, you can add functionality as well as a retro feature that is no longer common-place and doesn’t impose too much on the room.